What is ISO

ISO 9001 Certification

What is ISO

ISO is abbreviation of International Organisation for standardisation.
ISO is an independent and non-governmental international organization. Its central secretariat is located in Geneva.
It is made of over 164 representatives from different national standards bodies.
ISO developed and published over 22840 International Standard for products, services and systems, to ensure quality, safety and efficiency.
The major contribution from ISO international standards can help in facilitating international trade.
There is a popular misconception that ISO issue ISO Certificates. Actually, ISO develop and update ISO Standards only.
All Hong Kong recognised ISO Certificates are issued by the HKAS or UKAS accredited Certification Bodies such as SGS, Lloyds’s, BV, BSI, HKQAA, ACI, DW, Certification Asia..and so on

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ISO9001 2015 Checklist Hong Kong

ISO 9001 : 2015 Checklist

This checklist gives you a tool to check the readiness of ISO 9001 Certification. This checklist addresses some key high-level requirements of ISO 9001:2015 but not all details of ISO 9001 standard.

On completion you can send the results back for analysis at info@gabriel.hk.

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