ISO 42001 Artifical Intelligent Management System

  • Demonstrate responsible use of AI
  • Manage AI risks systematically
  • Enhance the traceability, transparency and reliability
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What is ISO 42001?

ISO/IEC 42001 is the first international standard of providing guidelines and requirements for organizations to establish and implement a management system for artificial intelligence (AI). 

The standard aims to help organizations effectively manage the risks and opportunities associated with AI technologies and ensure the responsible and ethical use of AI. ISO/IEC 42001 provides a framework for organizations to integrate AI management into their overall business processes and decision-making.

ISO/IEC 42001 assists organizations in fulfilling their responsibilities regarding AI systems, whether they are involved in using, developing, monitoring, or providing products or services that utilize AI. The use of AI introduces unique considerations that require specific management practices beyond those typically used for traditional IT systems. These considerations include:

1. Automatic decision-making: AI systems often make decisions automatically, which can sometimes lack transparency and explainability. Managing such systems requires specialized approaches to ensure responsible decision-making.

2. Data analysis and machine learning: AI systems rely on data analysis, insights, and machine learning techniques instead of relying solely on human-coded logic. This opens up new possibilities for AI applications but also necessitates changes in the way these systems are designed, justified, and deployed.

3. Continuous learning: AI systems that continuously learn and adapt their behavior can change over time. Ensuring the responsible use of such systems requires ongoing consideration and management to address the evolving nature of their behavior.

By following the guidelines and requirements outlined in ISO/IEC 42001, organizations can navigate these specific considerations and effectively manage AI systems in a responsible and ethical manner. 

Benefit of ISO 42001

  • Build trust with stakeholders by ensuring transparency, oversight, fairness and accountability.
  • Integrate consideration of AI aspects into existing management processes rather than separate management.
  • Improve decision making through impact assessments and performance monitoring insights.
  • Derive business value by addressing governance needs and managing impacts of AI initiatives.

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ISO 42001 Consultancy Service

We established 4 different milestones for monitoring purpose and described our activities in consultancy services from zero to certification.
Phase 1

System Review

  • Understand the existing operation and documentation.
  • Identify key gap against ISO 42001 requirements
Phase 2


  • Establish management system framework.
  • Establish required procedures and forms
Phase 3


  • Provide asession of ISO 42001 awareness training
  • Prepare various records required by the documentation.
  • Assist client during implementation via regular advisory visit
Phase 4

ISO 42001 Certification Audit

  • Liaise with Certification Body for audit arrangement.
  • Support the whole Certification Audit.
  • Provide suggestion for closing non conformity.
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