ISO 37001 Anti-Bribery Management System

  • Reduce risk of bribery
  • Improve business reputation and ethics
  • Give a positive societal impact
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What is ISO 37001?

ISO 37001 anti-bribery management system incorporates anti-bribery measures into the company's existing operation processes to establish an anti-bribery culture.  The purpose of ISO37001 is to implement a variety of related measures to prevent, detect and terminate any bribery.

The definition of "bribery" in ISO37001 is offering, promising, giving, accepting or soliciting of an undue advantage of any value (which could be financial or non-financial), directly or indirectly, and irrespective of location(s), in violation of applicable law, as an inducement or reward for a person acting or refraining from acting in relation to the performance of that person's duties.

The main categories include:

  • Establish an independent structure in the company to deal with anti-bribery regulations

  • Conduct anti-bribery risk assessment

  • Pre-employment screening

  • Anti-bribery education and training

  • Due diligence

  • Financial and non-financial control mechanisms

  • Political contributions for public welfare or charitable contributions and sponsorship management

  • Hospitality expenses, travel expenses and petty expenses management

  • Whistleblowing and investigation mechanism.

Benefit of ISO 37001

  • Improves overall corporate image and sustainability
  • Securing contracts and tenders
  • Reduced risk of bribery

What is ISO 37001 for

  • Large Companies & Organisations

  • Improvement of product / service quality.
  • Enhancement of corporate image and customer satisfaction.
  • Especially for Construction, Engineering, Logistics & Warehouse

ISO 37001 Consultancy Service

We established 4 different milestones for monitoring purpose and described our activities in consultancy services from zero to certification.
Phase 1

System Review

  • Understand the existing operation and documentation.
  • Identify key gap against ISO 37001 requirements
Phase 2


  • Establish management system framework.
  • Establish required procedures and forms
Phase 3

ISO 37001 Implementation

  • Prepare a session of ISO 37001 awareness training
  • Prepare various records required by the documentation.
  • Assist client during implementation via regular advisory visit
Phase 4

ISO 37001 Certification Audit

  • Liaise with Certification Body for audit arrangement.
  • Support the whole ISO 37001 Certification Audit.
  • Provide suggestion for closing non conformity.
What we offer


Saving Time & Money

No hidden cost. Completion within budget and timeframe.

Easy to follow

Straight forward & Simple ISO 37001 documentation. Minimum workload is required.

Precise Training

Precise ISO 37001 trainings to client for quick glance

Flexible schedule

Arranging meeting schedule up to Client request
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Frequent Asked Question

The Fees depend on company size, number of locations, business nature and operation complexity.

For Company (Staff < 20), it take 4 months on average.

For Company (Staff ~50), it take 6 months on average.

For Company (Staff ~100), it take 7-9 months on average.

You may take below steps :

1) ISO 37001 Gap Analysis.

2) Establishment of ISO 37001 Documentation.

3) Attend ISO 37001 Training.

4) Implementation of ISO 37001 System.

5) Arrange an Internal Audit

6) External ISO 37001 Audit by Certification Body.

There are two major Fees.

1) ISO 37001 Certification Fee charged by Accredited Certification Body such as SGS, Lloyd’s Register,BV, BSI, ACI, DW..

2) Consultant Fee charged by us.

The Fees depend on company size, number of locations, business nature and operation complexity

Yes. You can take a series of training courses, draft the documentation…. liaise with Certification Body if you have sufficient time, resource and master the ISO 37001 requirements.

No. Because of conflict of interest. Certification Body can provide ISO 37001 Standard generic training only but cannot tell you how to implement ISO 37001 System in your company.

Absolutely Yes. In general, ISO Consultant will draft documentation, guide your company to implement ISO 37001 system until passing in ISO 37001 Certification Audit.

In general, the company can put the ISO 37001 logo in the website, name card and letterhead after receipt of corresponding ISO 37001 Certificate.

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Highly recommended anyone seeking for ISO management consultancy service….
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Steve Smithers
Professional support, Effective Training, Process smooth. Zero NC
ISO Certification Client Testimonial
Charles Wan
Founder, Revozport
…internal communication and company operation have been highly enhanced….
ISO 27701 PIMS Certification
Chris Cheng
MD, Global Switch
We are looking forward to your continuing support in maintaining the system…
ISO 9001 Consultant Gabriel Consultant Hong Kong
Keith Cheong
Executive Director , NV5
….we will plan to get more certifications through your professional service….
Brian Cha
Founder, Brian Cha Motivation
…..they gave us full support and professional guidance …..
May Chan
QA Manager, Ocean Park

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