Toppan Merrill sets the standard with ISO 17100 Certification for unrivaled translation excellence

Toppan Merrill, a leading global provider of financial printing and communications solutions, has recently achieved a significant milestone by being awarded the ISO 17100 Certification by Bureau Veritas. This certification demonstrates the company’s unwavering commitment to service excellence and ensures the quality and competency of its translation team

ISO 17100 Certification Toppan Merrill

The ISO 17100 is an international standard that lays out the requirements for the competence and qualifications of translators, as well as the processes and procedures for translation services. It sets a framework for ensuring that translations are accurate, consistent, and of the highest quality.

This certification is particularly noteworthy because it is the first ISO 17100 Certification issued by Bureau Veritas in Hong Kong. The certification process involved an extensive audit of Toppan Merrill’s translation processes, procedures, and resources, including the qualifications and training of its translators.

The Toppan Merrill management team expressed their appreciation for the efforts of the translation team and Gabriel Consultant in achieving this important certification. They emphasized their commitment to service excellence and their dedication to continuously improving internal operations and processes.

On the whole, the ISO 17100 Certification will help Toppan Merrill to strengthen its internal operations and ensure the service quality and competency of its translators. It will also give its clients the confidence they need to trust the accuracy and consistency of their translations.

Congratulations to Toppan Merrill on this remarkable accomplishment.

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Toppan Merrill, a leader in financial printing and communications solutions, is part of the Toppan Printing Co., Ltd., the world’s leading printing group, headquartered in Tokyo with approximately US$14 billion in annual sales. Toppan Merrill has been a pioneer and trusted partner to the financial, legal and corporate communities for five decades, providing secure, innovative solutions to complex content and communications requirements. Through proactive partnerships, unparalleled expertise, continuous innovation and unmatched service, Toppan Merrill delivers a hassle-free experience for mission-critical content for capital markets transactions, financial reporting and regulatory disclosure filings, and marketing and communications solutions for regulated and non-regulated industries. With global expertise in major capital markets, Toppan Merrill delivers unmatched service around the world. With global expertise in major capital markets, Toppan Merrill delivers unmatched service around the world.

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Established in 1828, Bureau Veritas is a world leader in conformity assessment and certification services. They help clients to improve their performances by offering services and innovative solutions in order to ensure that their products, infrastructure and processes meet standards and regulations in terms of quality, health and safety, environmental protection and social responsibility. Bureau Veritas is recognized and accredited by major national and international organizations.


Since 2001 establishment of Headquarter in Hong Kong, Gabriel Consultant has been ISO 9001 certified for over 20 years. Gabriel Consultant provide professional consulting services for various industries and sectors including: Government Departments, Theme Park, Airlines, Listed Companies, different services providers, logistics service, professional service, manufacturing, construction and trading.


ISO 17100 is an international standard that sets out the requirements for translation services. It specifies the essential processes, resources, and other aspects necessary for the delivery of a quality translation service that meets the needs of the client. The standard covers the competence of translators, their technical resources, quality assurance, project management, and the relationship between the client and the service provider.

By following the guidelines set out in ISO 17100, translation service providers can ensure that their translations are accurate, consistent, and of high quality. The standard also provides a framework for ensuring that translators have the necessary qualifications and are properly trained to carry out their work to the highest standards.

ISO 17100 is recognized internationally and is used by translation service providers around the world to ensure that they deliver quality translations that meet the needs of their clients. The standard is particularly important in industries where accurate translations are critical, such as in the legal, medical, and financial sectors.

Overall, ISO 17100 is an important standard for emphasizing the quality and competency of translation services, and it helps to strengthen clients’ confidence in the accuracy and consistency of translation outputs.

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