ISO Certificate without Accreditation Mark

June 21, 2023

FAKE ISO Certificate

Why accreditation is so important ?

The significance of accreditation lies in its ability to demonstrate the technical competence of certification bodies such as BSI, SGS, BV, LRQA in auditing and certifying activities in accordance with internationally recognized standards like ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and ISO 27001 standards.

Accredited ISO certificates hold significant value as they provide a tangible assurance of quality and competence. These certificates prominently display the accreditation symbol, serving as a visual representation of the certification bodies’ expertise and competence. In the Hong Kong market, reputable accreditation symbols include UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service), ANAB (ANSI NATIONAL ACCREDITATION BOARD), and HKAS (Hong Kong Accreditation Service).

UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service) , appointed by the government of the United Kingdom, as the National Accreditation Body is crucial. They meticulously assess and accredit organizations that offer a range of services such as certification, testing, inspection, and calibration. This accreditation provides a solid foundation of trust and reliability.

ANAB (ANSI NATIONAL ACCREDITATION BOARD) is the 1st management systems accreditation body in the United States. ANAB accreditation of third-party certification bodies provide credibility and confidence for those who rely on certification.

HKAS (Hong Kong Accreditation Service) provides accreditation for laboratories, certification bodies and inspection bodies located in Hong Kong.


No Accreditation mean worthless

In contrast, ISO certificates without accreditation lack substance and fail to provide the necessary assurance. Such certificates are unable to offer the same level of credibility and recognition as their accredited counterparts.

It is crucial for businesses and consumers to understand that ISO certificates lacking accreditation have limited value. They do not carry the same weight and may raise doubts about the authenticity and reliability of the certified organizations. Without accreditation, these certificates cannot be readily accepted or transferred to other certification bodies, necessitating a reapplication for ISO certification.

Because it is important to note that UKAS, ANAB, and HKAS operate under the framework of the International Accreditation Forum (IAF). This affiliation enables the transferability of ISO certificates within Accredited Certification Bodies. Being part of the IAF network further strengthens the credibility and recognition of these accreditation bodies. It provides reassurance to certified organizations and stakeholders that their ISO certificates hold international value and can be seamlessly acknowledged by other accredited bodies worldwide. This interconnectedness within the IAF framework enhances the flexibility and utility of accredited ISO certificates, promoting global acceptance and facilitating business relationships across borders.

In summary, accredited ISO certificates with recognized accreditation symbols such as UKAS, ANAB, or HKAS are essential for establishing trust, ensuring quality, and safeguarding brand reputation. Non-accredited ISO certificates, on the other hand, lack the concrete value and credibility necessary for reliable certification.

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