GDPR 7 Key Principles (simple version)

7 Key Principles for Protecting Your Data


Let’s break it down in simple terms. Here are the seven key principles that protect your data:

1. Do Things Right: GDPR ensures that organizations collect and use your personal data in a legal and fair manner. They must be transparent about how they handle your information.

2. Stick to the Purpose: Organizations can’t use your data for reasons other than why they collected it. They need a good reason and can’t just do whatever they want with your information.

3. Less is More: Organizations should only collect the minimum amount of data they need. They can’t gather more information than necessary, reducing the risk of storing too much about you.


General Data Protection Regulation

4. Keep It Accurate: Organizations must make sure that the data they have about you is correct and up to date. If they have wrong information, they should fix it promptly.

5. Only as Long as Needed: Organizations can’t keep your data forever. They should only hold onto it for as long as necessary and follow specific rules about how long they can keep it.

6. Lock It Up: Organizations must protect your data from unauthorized access, loss, or damage. They should have measures in place to keep it secure, just like you’d lock up your belongings.

7.Take Responsibility: Organizations are accountable for following these rules. They must show that they’re doing their best to protect your data and be ready to answer questions about it.

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