What is ISO?

ISO International organization for standardization, was established in 1946. The headquartered is located in Geneva. ISO which is derived from the Greek, ISOS, meaning EQUAL. 

ISO is composed of representatives from 165 countries and regions. ISO has developed more than 20,000 standards in technology and manufacturing aspect.

They give world-class specifications for products, services and systems, to ensure quality, safety and sustainability. In many cases they are instrumental in facilitating international trade. 
Not all ISO Standard are for certification. There are around 20 standards management system or certifications. All Certifications are voluntary.

Different countries developed their own standards such GBT by China, BS by UK, EN by EU states, DIN by Germany, ASTM by US and JIS by Japan


ISO International organization for stnadardization

General misunderstanding

ISO is not a certification body, but  is an international standard developer. Issuing the ISO certificate is the responsibility of the certification body.

 ISO does not have ISO certificate information and cannot verify the authenticity of the certificate and whether it has expired. You need to check with the corresponding certification body.

ISO standards are not used for certification purposes. Certification is voluntary.

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