Logistics / Forwarder / Warehouse Companies fit for the following ISO Certifications.

These are the ISO Certifictions which, based on your sector / industry, we will provide the greatest benefits for your business.
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ISO 9001
Quality Management

  • The Worldwide recognised quality management standard.
  • Demonstrates your commitment to quality
  • Manage process effectively and efficiently
  • Helps to get tenders
ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System

ISO 22000
Food Safety Management

  • Helps your company to identify, reduce and prevent food safety hazards.
  • Enhances the confidence of customers, suppliers and other interested parties in the safety of your food and your ability to reduce health risks.

ISO 28000
Supply Chain Security Management

  • Facilitate trade and expedite the transport of goods across borders.
  • Achieve cost savings through a reduction in security incidents and potential reduction in corporate insurance premiums.

ISO 13485
Medical Quality Management

  • Helps your company consistently manage the Risks of medical device.
  • Enhance the medical device quality throughout the operation.
iso45001 health safety

ISO 45001
Health & Safety Management

  • Helps your company to manage Health and Safety Risks.
  • Prevents likelihood of accident , violation in legislation.
  • Improves your company safety and health performance.

ISO 14001
Environmental Management

  • Helps to comply with environmental-related legal requirement
  • Manages your resources more effectively
  • Helps to prevent waste generation and sustain the operation of company.
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