CSA STAR Certification / Euro Cloud Certification

CSA STAR is a reputable program for security assurance in the cloud industry.
CSA STAR Certification contain a comprehensive list of cloud-centric control objectives in the CSA’s Cloud Controls Matrix (CCM).
CCM is the only meta-framework of cloud-specific security controls, mapped to leading standards, best practices and regulations. CCM provides organizations with the needed structure, detail and clarity relating to information security tailored to cloud computing.

CSA STAR Benefit

  • Increase business opportunities by demonstrating compliance
  • Keep your company as a more consistent competitor in the marketplace
  • Increase of your employees commitment and motivation
  • State your objectives and identify new business opportunities
  • Identify and address the risks associated with your company

  • What is it for ?

  • Enhancement of Cloud Security
  • Increase corporate image and customer confidence
  • Especially , it is for Cloud Service only