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What is ISO Certification?

ISO certification means a company or organisation implement ISO Mannagement System according to relevant ISO standards and pass the third parties' certification audit

What is the need for ISO certification?

ISO Certification make a company to meet customer requirement, increase customer satisfaction, and achieve International recognition related with quality issue.

Who gives ISO Certification?

ISO develop standards but do not issue Certificate or perform audit. Certification is done by Certification Bodies. Certification bodies can issue ISO Certificates and their registration with ANAB, UKAS or HKAS is more reliable in Hong Kong.

What documents are required for ISO certification?

The documentation requirement of ISO Certification include Policy, Manual, Procedure , operation records, ISO Records and the implementation of risk reduction measures.

What does it mean to be ISO certified?

“ISO Certified” means a company or an organization has met the requirement of ISO 9001 standards and has passed the third parties' certification audit.

How much do we pay for ISO Certification?

There are two major Fees. 1) ISO Certification Fee charged by Certification Body such as SGS, BV, BSI, ACI, Certification Asia, DW Certification...2) Consultant Fee charged by us. The Fees depend on company size, number of locations, business nature and operation complexity

How do I get ISO certified?

You may take below steps :

1) ISO Gap Analysis.
2) Establishment of ISO Documentation.
3) Attend ISO Training.
4) Implementation of ISO System.
5) Internal Audit
6) External Audit by Certification Body.

How do I check ISO certification?

As there are many ISO Certification Bodies in the world, they are individual company or group. There are no central database of all ISO Certified Companies. But you can check with Certification Bodies directly if you have a question about the ISO Certificates. The first thing you need to know which Certification Body issued the Certificates and Certificate Number.

Can we make documentation by ourself instead of hiring Consultant?

Yes. You can take a series of training courses, draft the documentation.... liaise with Certification Body if you have sufficient time and master the ISO requirements

Can Certification Body tell us how to implement ISO System?

No. Because of conflict of interest. Certification Body can provide ISO Standard generic training only but cannot tell you how to implement ISO System in your company.

What do Consultant provide service in assisting ISO Certification ?

Absolutely Yes. In general, ISO Consultant will draft documentation, guide your company to implement ISO system until passing in ISO Certification Audit.

When can we use ISO logo ?

In general, the company can put the ISO logo in the website, name card and letterhead after receipt of corresponding ISO Certificate.

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